The Allier is rich with cultural heritage and architecture. It is the birthplace of the dukes of Burgundy. Old battle towers, moats, rich interiors of large and small castles, half-timbered houses, cobbled alleys in the historic districts of Moulins, Montluçon and medieval villages like Charroux can be found in the Allier.

The small medieval churches are also worth seeing. The springs and bathing areas such as Vichy, Bourbon-l'Archambault and Nerie-les-Bains are famous for their soothing spring water, but are also wonderful places to stroll around and admire the different architectural styles.

For sports enthusiasts there are plenty of opportunities such as horseback riding, fishing and canoeing on the quiet river Allier or on the more vibrant river Sioule.

Wine lovers can visit the area around Saint Pourçain: a famous wine region of mainly white wine. A beautiful route takes you along several wine villages and beautiful chateaux where you can try wine tasting.

For the golf enthusiast there are six golf courses in the area available.
The Allier is a beautiful place to spend your holiday, still a authentic part of France, where nature and culture meet.